Thyroid and Gut Function

Digestive and malabsorption issues?ì Thyroid function has a huge effect on gut health.

Gut or digestive function is essential. It enables us to absorb nutrients, so we regenerate tissue and metabolize energy. Our digestion turns what we eat into what we need to make energy and vital nutrients. However, just as we see hormones monetized into hormone replacement therapy, the mechanics of our digestion are being isolated, made in laboratories, packaged, and sold back to us.

How wonderful that the contents contain countless individual species of bacteria, not to mention acids and peptides that can very easily end up in a bottle. Our digestive function evolved to digest our food and eliminate the waste from, without the help of intestinal isolates and factory-made “good” bacteria.

So why do so many people have gut issues? A lot of it has to do with what we eat or don’t eat. Some people have gastrointestinal issues, not because they are missing certain bacteria or acids, like butyrate acid, that thrive on high-fiber foods, but because they have low thyroid function. 

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